feeling over exposed nothing is ever disclosed
can't think right now I'm to busy feeding the cash cow
perpetual state of wanting your pictures become so daunting

it's time to break away no longer fools to media's foul play
dad said pick your poison but this isn't one that I have chosen

go on and tell us your life's perfect
all adding to media madness
call call me alice
down the rabbit hole but I'm calice

we are but guinea pigs left with desire to be twigs
distraction so attractive we become our own captives
self obsession more possessions leading to a deep depression

of wanting this and wanting that it becomes a game of tit for tat
this tricks on us can't you see striving for what they want you to be


from Punch Drunk Tagalongs, track released January 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Punch Drunk Tagalongs Cleveland, Ohio

We are the Punch Drunk Tagalongs. A singer/songwriter driven Melodic Indie Grunge Rock band based out of Cleveland, Ohio.


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